Drew Records

Compiled by LG Nilsson, Seabear Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

First commercial blue label design
Drew 1001A label scan
Second commercial white label design
Drew 1004A label scan
Third commercial white label design
Drew 1005A label scan
Drew Records operated from 1966 to 1968. Just one group recorded for the label.
Drew 1001 A Precisions Such A Misery Dec-66
First issue on the Drew label. First three records distributed by Sidra Records.
Drew 1001 B Precisions A Lovers Plea Dec-66
Drew 1002 A Precisions Why Girl Dec-67
Drew 1002 B Precisions What I Want Dec-67
Drew 1003 A Precisions If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) Aug-67
Drew 1003 B Precisions You'll Soon Be Gone Aug-67
Drew 1004 A Precisions Instant Heartbreak (Just Add Tears) Mar-68
Drew 1004 B Precisions Dream Girl Mar-68
Drew 1005 A Precisions A Place May-68
Drew 1005 B Precisions Never Let Her Go May-68