threads of destiny f95

Threads of destiny f95

I knew you always overestimated Storm based on what I've seen you post about her so-called "omnipotence" in other threads at least that's what you try to make her look like in your mindbut this It seems I was right all along about you being a comedian of sorts. Good day to you sir.

I would say this sounds accurate enough Co-signed Prof X with Cerebro s more than formidable vacilonero i think there are a few mutants out there that can beat superman. In case nobody remembers, Magnetos Powers are a "physical" manifestation. Celeb jehad means the worse shape his body is in, the weaker his powers are in certain instances he has been pushed so far that manipulation of other energies is impossible. Storm, Wolverine, and the acolyte healer can't think of his name are a few who have demonstrated this. Also, KittyPride would make short work of Sups. No limits fallacy for the utter failure at life!

Don't be mad because it's true.

Mider full power gambit cant he blow him to hell Mider couldnt vulcan club tits his solar energy 2damnloud full power gambit cant he blow him to hell SpunkySmurph Full power Gambit could beat him he would pwn storm, FYIbut not through explosions.

Superman does terrible against threads of destiny f95 and thats what storm is full of. Her power set would keep him busy, like a tornadoes coming at him while she is shooting hail at him and also hitting him with lightning. She also has the power to create a force field of lightning which would indeed hurt superman.

Storm could get some wins in, just my opinion.

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Now rogue. I agree with this also since classic rogue was invulnerable and could move at super sonic speed not faster than superman. She could strip but necked and let superman fight her and each punch would drain him.]

: Threads of destiny f95

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threads of destiny f95

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Threads of destiny f95



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Threads of destiny f95



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Threads of destiny f95



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Threads of destiny f95



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