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Our yields kriten archives higher than last year, due to careful cultivation and applications of rich compost, and we expect them to really explode now that the heavier crops like cucumbers and summer squash as starting to appear. Raised Beds help to keep the tomatoes and eggplants dry — reducing the possible spread of diseases like Early Blight.

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Raised beds are helping to keep any flooding in fields from damaging the plants. Squash, Pepper and Zucchini Plants — healthy and starting to produce fruits and flowers.

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source When the sun does shine, honeybees return to the fields and love the clover that grows around the shed and greenhouse. I managed to get 2 stings this past kriten archives, one on my right pinkie toe and the other, a few days later on the arch of my left foot. Here is what I learned: 1.

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Remove the stinger ASAP. If you work on a farm, grab an onion, break it open and rub it on the effected area! I was much better at these steps the second time around! Honeybee hard at work — beware barefooted farmers! There is something magical about the way that seemingly overnight the yellow flowers appear on the squash, cucumber and tomato plants and white and purple flowers bloom on the eggplant and kriten archives plants.

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Summer Squash ready for the picking on June 28th. The nutrients and moisture in the soil and the energy from the sun provide most of the fuel for the bounty appearing in the fields, but some of the credit also goes kriten archives my 3 hard working summer farmers, Devin, Jake, and Alphonse, and to the volunteers.


Jake and Alphonse — on the hunt for Colorado Potato Beetles in one of the rows of eggplant. Click Friday afternoons, kriten archives number of students working in Admission and some of our college staff appear on the scene to help us tackle larger projects like hilling the potatoes. Volunteers hill 5 rows of potatoes with us on Friday afternoon.]

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