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Kristens archives incest

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Both groups are virtually on the same reading level, and are currently being instructed using a G-level book. Instead of observing me in a subjective sense, my mentor chose to use an objective recording sheet full of questions that teachers should often ask while teaching guided reading or when they read with a student one-on-one. The questions on kristens archives incest sheet focused mainly on the decoding of unknown words. While I was teaching both groups, I was consciously aware that what my mentor was observing was the questions that I was asking. Therefore, I made sure that I wasn't just sitting and listening to students read even though I wouldn't have anyway.

I tried to make a conscious effort to make sure that I was kristens archives incest just asking questions, but that I was asking quality questions that would really help the student learn new decoding strategies or reinforce the strategies that the student was already using.


After school that day, my mentor and I decided to sit down together and talk about my lessons. Together, we looked at the objective data that my mentor collected. I saw that I asked twenty-four questions in one center and twenty-three questions in another.

kristens archives incest

This sparked a series of questions. About how many questions should be asked during each twenty minute guided reading center?

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Was it that the students needed that extra support through questioning? As I looked back at other data that I collected using that exact same recording sheet while I observed my mentor in kristens archives incest past, I noticed that the number of questions that she asked was comparable to the number of questions that I asked. My mentor and I determined that Another area that sparked some conversation between my mentor and I were the types of questions that I was asking the students. There were three questions that I seemed to ask more often than others. Here, students needed to be conscious of the letters and sounds that they make. Another question that I asked often was "Do you see any parts of the word that you know? Both my mentor and I were wondering many things.

kristens archives incest

Was it that I was gravitating toward these questions because I feel the most comfortable asking these specific questions? Were these the questions that would most benefit the students?

kristens archives incest

Were these questions asked the most because the students need the most practice with the corresponding decoding strategies? Are these questions helping the students internalize the strategies? Could other questions be asked to achieve the same result of decoding the unknown words? I decided to reflect upon kristens archives incest single observation experience because of how valuable it was. Even though I couldn't possibly answer all of my wonderings right away, the amount of wonderings that this objective data collection observation sparked was amazing. As I observe objectively and get observed objectively, I feel that I learn so much more than I ever could by a subjective observation.

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Justification C3: I believe this piece of evidence directly corresponds to this indicator. I am using objective data notes that my mentor had taken of my two guided reading lessons to think about my teaching in a different light. This set of data had sparked many questions in my mind.

kristens archives incest

I was able to evaluate my teaching in a completely different way.]

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