Thank you for voting, we value your feedback! User Rating: Fuck me this one is going to be hard. You can already tell what the theporndude.cim is about just by reading the damn domain name.

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Yeah, theporndude.cim place is all about lesbians with a lot of shit in the mix. This place is solely for fans of scat porn Alright, so what is it about LezPoo. It costs about 30 euros per month to have access to LezPoo. However, there are some things that you have to consider when getting theporndude.cim of these subscriptions on LezPoo. Theporndude.cim you really going to be streaming all of these porn videos in the first place? There are a little less than 40 videos on here. Premium videos, but just under that number nonetheless.


In fact, the last time I theporndude.cim there were only 38 videos on LezPoo. Think about it this way. You can download all the videos during your subscription, so why not just get the monthly subscription and download all the videos that you need.


This will definitely lead you having a much theporndude.cim time on LezPoo. The apparently watermark theporndude.cim single video with your username, so if you ever post the video on a website then they will definitely find source and they will take legal action against you. I mean I can understand why they would be mad about this.

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They make very few videos and each video costs like euros to make. I mean these prices are the same on pretty much every other premium site as well. One thing that Theporndude.cim dislike is that they kept some banner ads image even for premium members. I can certainly comment on it though and say that I would appreciate it if theporndude.cim showed a bit more appreciation towards their paying customers.

These videos are pretty expensive to film LezPoo. In fact, they even have a trust level for your account.


theporndude.cim The longer your theporndude.cim exists the more access you get on videos. The login page is made in HTML and has like 2 input boxes, a checkbox and then a button. I mean would it be that hard to make a simple table and make it look a bit more attractive so that members actually feel like saphiro_sexy care about them instead of just shitting all over their lives with this theporndude.cim login interface? Not some run of the mill porn tube that you get all the videos on for free.]

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