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She was delivered at home by an aunt who was a midwife. In Woodhaven, at Neir's Social Hall which opened in and is still extantWest supposedly first performed professionally. She often won prizes at local talent contests.

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Her trademark walk was said to have been inspired or influenced by female teen cam naked Bert Savoy and Julian Eltingewho were famous during the Pansy Craze. The show folded after eight performances, [29] but at age 18, West was singled out and discovered by The New York Times. West next appeared in a show called Vera Violettawhose cast featured Al Jolson. They are all reported as having disapproved of her career and her choices. Although conservative critics panned the show, ticket sales were strong. The production did not go over well with city officials, who had received complaints from some religious groups, and the theater was raided, with West source along with the cast.

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Though West could have paid a fine and been let off, she chose the jail sentence for the publicity it would garner. West got great mileage from this jail stint. Media attention surrounding the incident enhanced http://seabear.se/review/aeza/beautiful-tranny-webcam.php career, by crowning her the darling "bad girl" who "had climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong". West explained, "The city fathers begged me not to bring the show to New York because they were not equipped to handle the commotion it would cause. Since the s, she was also an early supporter of gay rights, and publicly declared against police brutality that gay vedio sex girls experienced. She adopted a then "modern" psychological explanation teen cam naked gay men were women's souls in men's bodies, and hitting a gay man was akin to hitting a woman.


In many ways homosexuality is a danger to the entire social system of teen cam naked civilization. Certainly a nation should be made aware of its presence—without moral mottoes—and its effects on children recruited to it in their innocence. I had no objections to it as a cult of jaded inverts, or special groups of craftsmen, shrill and involved only with themselves. It was its secret anti-social aspects I wanted to bring into the sun.

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Live and let live is my philosophy on the subject, and I believe everybody has the right to do his or her own thing or somebody else's—as long as they do it all in private! Her productions predictably aroused controversy, which ensured that she stayed in the news and often resulted in packed houses at her performances. Brooks Atkinsonwas among many reviewers at the time who bashed the play's storyline as well as West's performance. This is a sin which is teen cam naked to all of Miss West's wonderworks except "Diamond Lil," but because of the luridness of the hokum plot and the highly colored melodramatic backgrounds of the new piece, it has seldom been more in evidence Seldom, come to think about it, has fouler talk been heard on the Broadway stage, even in these frank and forward times However creditable an impersonator of scarlet roles Miss West may be, variety of attack is not among her qualifications as an actress Her peculiar slouching about the stage, which seems to provide firsthand evidence that, as the program says, she originated the shimmy dance, her vocal stunts, her exploitation of blond buxomness—all these grow pretty tiresome through repetition During that time, in the months after the play closed, West decided to put her stage career on hold and to teen cam naked a short-term but lucrative contract offer from Paramount Pictures to perform in a feature film in Hollywood.

She nonetheless managed to keep read article age ambiguous for some time.

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West claimed she spotted Grant at the studio and insisted that he be cast as the male lead. Paramount recognizes that debt of gratitude today, with a building on the lot named after West. The film was also a box-office hit and was the most successful of her entire screen career. Kahlo's husband, Diego Riverapaid his own tribute: "West teen cam naked the most wonderful machine for living I have ever known—unfortunately on the screen only.

Scott FitzgeraldWest was especially unique: "The only Hollywood actress with both an ironic edge and a comic spark.]

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