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This web site is responsible for offering Rule 34 porn to teenagers everywhere in the world. Shad Base started within the wonderful world of Newgrounds, a go-to site for Flash porn and video games within the s. From there, he expanded his presence to different places like YouTube and Facebook, though his art stays at Shadbase. Today, Shadbase is a webcomic empire with a brilliant well-liked YouTube channel, Shadbase merchandise, a thriving community, and tons of comics. The comics are largely little snippets, with virtually no plot or respectable jokes. The Art Gallery of Degeneracy The main links include the art archives, non-porn who offers a shit , an about page, links to the other content material portals YouTube, Twitter, etc. We have comics, animations, and plain old pictures, representing shit like Yuri, traps, bestiality, and more. All of these categories have tons of content material listed by date. Most of it is standard webcomic shit, however there are additionally animations, 3D work, and totally different kinds. A lot of the shit is Rule 34, and the artist does a good job of respecting the unique art style.



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