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Nobuto Prologue In a forgotten time, there was a peaceful village called Heiwa.

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There lived a young boy, about the age of sixteen, named Nobuto. He was he was well known around the village for his yearning for adventure. He and his brother, Kazuki, had always loved adventure.

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All of the other cities they could explore and all of the people they would meet. But, those dreams died away as Nobuto got older.

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Now, he spends time with his friend, Baku, and his lover, Akino. Nobuto and Baku had been friends ever since grade school.

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Just like Kazuki, they would always go on adventures. It was only five years later when Nobuto meet Akino.

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Nobuto had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. Nobuto had immediately fallen for Akino, and Akino had much the same when she laid her eyes on Nobuto. They were together ever since.

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All of the dreams of adventures had disappeared for Nobuto, but not for Kazuki. Nobuto was worried for his brother, never maturing, but he enjoyed seeing his brother smile. And it wasn't long until they had another sibling come into there life.]

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