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Email: muftimehmoodahmad gmail. Code Rahatulquloob 5 2 As far as secular academics are concernedthere is conceptual and practical clarity about its provision with effect from particular grades in schools. Muslim societies have not yet designed their curriculum regarding it.

This is the reason that the new generation is learning it from non-Islamic sources and spoiling their lives after taking part in forbidden naked dirty sex of sexual intercourse. In this study, the issue has been raised and discussed in detail in the light of the holy Quran and Hadith while the emphasis on the provision of sex education has been made so as to avoid unfair sexual practices in the Muslim societies including that of Pakistan. Sex naked dirty sex at a global level, appropriate age of sex education, and attributes of the teacher of sex education have also been explained along with Islamic teachings regarding sexual affairs.

Key Words: Sex Education, Islam, curriculum development, secular academics Introduction: Sex education is an important but critical part of any education system.

Unless, sex education takes naked dirty sex, ethics, and instinctual desires into account, its goals will be incomplete and potentially dangerous. Therefore, in terms of the formation of a Muslim education system, it should be kept in mind that the holy Qur'an also emphasizes naked dirty sex attainment of every useful education. Even in the time of the Holy Prophet, Muslim men and women did not hesitate to ask questions about their private lives regarding sexual issues. In this regard, there are a number of hadiths according to which the companions Sahabiyaat in Urdu used to attend the teaching sessions of the Holy Prophet PBUH and seek necessary guidance from him on very private matters.

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Talking about sex with children is considered disgusting. However, it should be kept in mind that "sexuality" is not a dirty word in terms of the prevailing conceptual trend.

This is an important aspect of our daily lives. That is why Allah Almighty guides us in every aspect of our lives. The Qur'an describes creation, birth, family life, menstrual issues and even ejaculation. On the other hand, the Holy Prophet PBUHwho was sent as a model of beauty for Muslims, taught his companions or followers in detail about the matters of sexual life.

As naked dirty sex important part, the Islamic concept of "sexuality" is presented in this article. Research Questions: Following is some of the important research for this study: 1 What is sexuality? What is sex? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word sexuality was first used as a term in when the 18th century English poet William Cooper used this term in his published collection of the literary works. This is a process that involves being physically together, touching each other and having sex with each naked dirty sex. But the legitimate Islamic concept of sexuality article source to intercourse between males and females for the continuity of the naked dirty sex birth after marriages. Allah Almighty says:.

Sexual desire is a desire like other natural and innate desires placed in man by Allah Almighty. Man is not to be blamed for the emergence of sexual thoughts and desires. Allah Naked dirty sex has created every living being in pairs. The Islamic concept of sexuality and the process of birth The holy Qur'an deals with aspects of practical life, including sexual matters.]

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