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Disneyland She also travelled through time, courtesy of a time machinevisiting France during the French RevolutionEngland during the signing of the Magna Cartaand Germany during World War IIbefore briefly visiting the future and returning to the present. While in later parts of the series, she would have a handful of male 'toys' whom she would use and abuse until they fakku hentai manga of exhaustion, her sexual preference was almost exclusively for women.

Candyfloss[ edit ] Candyfloss is a year-old blonde nymphet was originally sent as a "present" to Wanda's father, but his daughter claimed her as her own. Wanda encouraged her father to chase Candyfloss, resulting in his death from exhaustion and enabling Wanda to claim inheritance. mature nude forum

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The term "candyfloss" is the common UK name for " cotton candy ". Candyfloss was apparently pansexualmature nude forum sex with anyone who came her way, much to Wanda's annoyance. Automobiles[ edit ] Wanda drove a Supo Delecto Peniso Flagrante sports car, which, as its name implies, resembled a phallus and was capable of attaining top speed of miles per hour.

mature nude forum

Sometimes, her auxiliary automobile, a Rolls Royce station wagonfollowed. A play on renowned feminist Germaine Greer ; "German" was her forename, not her nationality; the precise number of R's in her last name tended to vary from one month to the next. Homer Sapiens and J. Edgar Hoover provided the brains and muscle needed to support Wanda's many adventures.


mature nude forum

Although Grud looked like a caveman, he was a sensitive intellectual who expressed his aspirations only to himself, never to others. Sapiens was a mad scientist and former Nazi collaborator. Wanda called him "Eggbonce" "bonce" is slang for head.

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Sapiens was a sadism masochist who enjoyed mature nude forum better but a beating from Wanda, either as a reward or as a punishment, so either way he won. Walter Von Kreesus[ edit ] The preserved cadaver of her degenerate father was seated upon a throne under a green glass dome. On occasion, Wanda sought advice from him after establishing a psychic or spiritual link with the corpse.

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During his lifetime, Candyfloss, Wanda's paramour, was one of the many women whom Walter kept as a mistress. The source of his great fortune that Wanda later inherited was Grigori Rasputinwho in was attempting to lodge for mature nude forum keeping a large fortune in jewels in the Swiss bank that von Kreesus was working for. However, Rasputin's untimely death left the large hoard in von Kreesus' possession.

Needless to say, the bank heard no more from Herr von Kreesus. He then proceeded to increase his fortune still further through various mature nude forum dealings, with amongst others, Leninto whom von Kreesus lent a train fare when the communist leader was on his way to a 3 April important meeting. Cultural and political allusions[ edit ] The strip was replete with inside jokes and references to popular and classical culture. For example, a member of Wanda's entourage lay naked reading William S.]

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BEST FREE INCEST SITES Mature Men Forum., Lusaka, Zambia. 20 likes. this page is about sharing information on challenges of men in line with our families and love life. Oh, Wicked Wanda! was a British full-colour, satirical adult comic strip, written by Frederic Mullally, and drawn by Ron strip regularly appeared in Penthouse magazine from to In the s, Ron Embleton, already a veteran comic book artist, had worked extensively for TV Century 21 comic, illustrating stories based on the television programmes Stingray, Thunderbirds, and. Mature Mind Forum,. likes · 15 talking about this. To Give Enlightment To Both Young And Adult, Single And Married, About What Future Is All About In Terms Of Maturity.

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