erotic chat stories

erotic chat stories

Erotic chat stories

erotic chat stories

Contributed by: Mike Views: 61 Hey, so this is sort of my first story on here, I sort of just wrote it for a friend and they suggested I share it somewhere so I chose here.

erotic chat stories

And last but not least, this story is just fictional and has no connection to any real events. After a while though, the man could tell something was wrong with the boy, so he questioned the boy.

erotic chat stories

The boy finally gave in and erotic chat stories. Some music is blaring all around him and the party is still in full swing. The boy decides to duck into a bedroom and shuts the door behind him and he breathes a sight of relief as his headache begins to ease. He looks up and realizes another guy is in the room with him, erotic chat stories sits down next to the guy on the bed and sees he has a beer in hand.

erotic chat stories

The boy asks him for a drink of it and the guy agrees and hands it off. The boy takes a nice long drink and stares off into space, enjoying the peacefulness he found himself in.

The Boy’s Tale

They guy had pulled out his cock!! And not erotic chat stories that it, but it was fucking fat! The boy put his face into his hands and took in a deep breath before letting it out slowly and lifting his head back up to continue his story for the man. The boy was gagging and spitting everywhere but the guy ignored erotic chat stories struggles and moaned in pleasure, only speeding up his pace from that of a jackhammer to a runaway train.

The guy then suddenly pulled the boy off his cock and gave him a firm slap across source face. It was almost like they girls gossiping about hot guys, where they boy anticipated the man to be gravely serious.

The last comment had confused the boy the most but the boy just decided to shake off that feeling and so he once again started The guy leaned back this time and basked in the pleasure, giving the bit more freedom and control. The boy had a totally fucked look on his face, as though he needed more. As the guy opened the door and walked out of the room, he turned back to look at the boy and said. I thought I erotic chat stories straight.

The older man put his arm around the boy and pulled him in for a tight hug. And was that your first kiss?

erotic chat stories

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Erotic chat stories - advise

They're usually filled with horny, young boys jerking their cocks, waiting for some girl to come along and get them off. I have great interest in these boys, most of them talk to me extremely dirty and get me off really well. Well one day the internet would change my life forever, along with my cousin's. On that day, just like any other day, I connected to the internet and entered sex chat. There was a bit of a crowd in there, and I couldn't wait to begin talking to some horny guy. All of a sudden a message box popped up on my screen, it read: "Hey you, looking for some fun? erotic chat stories.

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Erotic chat stories



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Erotic chat stories



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Erotic chat stories



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