blonde lesbian tumblr

blonde lesbian tumblr

Blonde lesbian tumblr

blonde lesbian tumblr

Your Matchup Is: Sasha Braus!!

Anonymous asked: Can I get an aot match-up? I'm a lesbian. I'm 5'6 and I have pale skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair and I'm pretty thin. My style can be described as dark.

blonde lesbian tumblr

My clothes usually consists of black, ripped, skinny jeans, black t-shirt with free spanking content metal band logo on it, combat boots, and a black leather jacket and I usually have black nail polish on. I also love to wear spiked bracelets and chokers and I have glasses because I'm blind as a bat. I have several piercings and three tattoos. My personality is quiet and reserved. I'm extremely introverted and I usually keep to myself. I'm still really friendly though and try to be nice to people, that is until your disrespectful, then the gloves come off.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If your friends with me, expect to be teased. Teasing is my love language lol. Some facts about me are that I'm extremely sporty.

blonde lesbian tumblr

I was captain of the tennis team when I was in high school. My favorite food is pizza, I can literally eat that everyday lol.

blonde lesbian tumblr

I'm from the south, so blonde lesbian tumblr I have a southern drawl when I talk. I have been described as extremely smart, like genius level smart, but extremely airheaded at the same time. I've even been told I was the dumbest smart person lol. Your Matchup Is: Sasha Braus!! Originally posted by itscoyotestarkk though you two are polar opposites you seem to get along quite well.

blonde lesbian tumblr

I think sasha would have an artsy style while you have a grunge style. AHEM you two can have a pizza party of 2 if you would like.]

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. Blonde lesbian tumblr



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Blonde lesbian tumblr



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Blonde lesbian tumblr



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Blonde lesbian tumblr



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