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Limelight" on the second season of Who Wants to Be a Superhero? The channel was originally dedicated to movie director Quentin Tarantinowhom Trisha idolized, but soon after being created, Paytas began to focus on other types of videos.

Blndsundoll4mj primarily gives fashion, beauty and relationship advice videos. FromPaytas appeared in several music videos by various artists including EminemAmy Winehouse and The All-American Rejects ; as well as performing as a background dancer for rapper M.

This involved videos claiming that dogs do not have brains, 4chan girl nude that they were voting for the Republican candidate for President of the United StatesMitt Romney.

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In turn, they began posting their more stylized or music-related videos on their main channel, blndsundoll4mJ. Its music video was released on July It was their first EP to appear on the Billboard charts, debuting at number 25 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.

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In four days, the video garnered over a million views. Originally on SoundCloud as an audio-only, one-take show, Paytas revamped the show with a full set and a video set up on the PodcastOne network.

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Paytas and Klein were cohosts on Frenemies until June when Paytas left Frenemies and the show ended. Paytas has identified with different religious beliefs throughout their life, mainly Roman Catholicism.

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Paytas has stated that their main addiction was to prescription pills. They received criticism for this due to previously identifying as a "chicken nugget". They http://seabear.se/review/go-to-myfreecams-com/the-best-free-scat-sites.php clarified that the video where they stated they identified as a "chicken nugget" was intended to be poetic, and was filmed when they were under the influence of methamphetamine.]

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Those who came to the victims' defense were ridiculed as "white knights", or " social justice warriors " SJWs ; [26] this characterization was intended, according to Heron, Belford and Goker, to neutralize any opposition by questioning their motives. Women in Video Games series. The campaign expanded to include renewed harassment of prominent [44] [45] feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian , who had previously been a target of online harassment due in part to her YouTube video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games , which analyzes sexist portrayals of women. Women was released on August 24, , Sarkeesian received rape and death threats, and private information including her home address was leaked; she was compelled to flee her home. In mid-October Brianna Wu , another independent game developer and co-founder of video game studio Giant Spacekat , saw her home address and other identifying information posted on 8chan as retaliation for mocking Gamergate. Wu then became the target of rape and death threats on Twitter and elsewhere. After contacting police , Wu fled her home with her husband, saying she would not allow the threats to intimidate her into silence. Two critics of Gamergate were targets of attempted " swatting "—hoaxed reports to emergency services intended to provoke a SWAT team response at the target's home. The Guardian reported that both swatting attempts were coordinated through the " baphomet " subforum of 8chan. 4chan girl nude.

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The Fappening: 4Chan Victims Unit



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