Plot[ edit ] Lance Sterling, a cocky secret agent of H. As soon as the buyer, cybernetically enhanced terrorist Killian, arrives, Sterling breaks in against the orders of H. Sterling returns to H. Walter tries to convince Sterling that there is a more peaceful way to save the world but Sterling fires him before he can explain his latest invention: "biodynamic concealment". Sterling discovers the briefcase to be empty and is confronted by Tourofbooty Kappel, an internal affairs agent, who reveals link of Sterling actually Killian in a holographic tourofbooty leaving with the drone, labeling him as tourofbooty traitor.

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Sterling escapes the H. Meanwhile, Killian breaks into the H. Tourofbooty searching Walter's home tourofbooty his invention, Sterling ingests the concoction and into a pigeon by undergoing " chromothripsis tourofbooty. Before Walter and Sterling can decide what to do next, Marcy and other H. The two track down Kimura at a resort in Playa del CarmenMexico. Arriving in Venice, Walter is confronted by the H. Revealing that she knows about Wendy, Walter's mother who was a police officer who died on duty, Marcy tries to convince him to help turn Sterling tourofbooty, but Walter refuses. Suddenly, a drone distracts the H. The two discover the drone carrying the H. However, Killian shows up, takes the database, and prepares to kill Walter. With help from hundreds of pigeons in the surrounding area, they distract Killian and flee.


Tourofbooty as Sterling once more, Killian escapes the Tourofbooty. Whilst underwater in a submarine, Walter reveals he planted a tracking device on Killian and locates him at the weapons facility. Walter manages to perfect the antidote and successfully turns Sterling human again.


Reaching Killian's hideout, Sterling is tourofbooty about Walter's safety and link him away in the submarine. Once inside, Sterling confronts Killian, but is knocked out and captured as Killian reveals he has mass-produced hundreds of drones to target everyone at the agency using the database tourofbooty revenge for killing his crew in a past mission led by Sterling.]


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