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The boy needed money, there was no doubt in that. Sweatshirt and jeans worked for him. He managed to maintain sophia tumblr pretty high GPA with work and all. He had his father to teach him manly trades like repairs around the house and with cars, his mother taught him how to be diligent and clean and take car of children and animals of all size as far as school went he was on his own and worked hard at what he did.

He was not a natural at click here but managed to keep his A- in AP Calculus, Physics and Chemistry and found that he was rather proud of himself for it. Standing in the hall, sophia tumblr was staring at his phone still and had sophia tumblr shoulder leaned against the lockers, feet planted firmly against the dirty, tile floor.

He was tall, about six foot and had big, broad shoulders, green eyes and blond hair. He was, to some, rather stunning.

sophia tumblr

He had a kind smile, full of teeth and always happy. He was like a little puppy in a way, he always seemed cheery and ready to go and have fun.

School Time Blues

He was likable and had his own people he enjoyed to hang out with. 8muses] just suffered through school like everyone else did and that was that. That was all he needed and with his younger sister an incoming freshman, the queen of her class, he saw all the drama that she managed to get into with boys and it was fairly annoying.

She was fairly annoying. The girl was driven by everything that revolved around money and material things. She had so much equestrian-related clothing and sophia tumblr he felt like half the she was a walking advertisement for a sophia tumblr store. They were two completely different people but such was life. At the voice, he lifted his head from his phone and turned slightly, looking towards a little blonde girl with wild hair, curls going every which way he looked almost startled at her appearance as she spoke to him.

sophia tumblr

A brow arched elegantly as he uttered a light laugh at her question. Normally Sophia would have found herself evaluating every inch of someone she just met.

sophia tumblr

If she had no choice, she could carry an intelligent conversation but by no means could she become friends with someone without evaluating everything first. Yes, she judged people but she took the time to investigate before she judged.

See, thatโ€™s what the app is perfect for.

The only thing she made premature judgments on was looks and that came with having a plastic surgeon for a father. It was habit. She had trust issues and she had a reason to have them. Instead she pushed her L. Bean monogrammed back pack further up on her shoulder and looked down at the blue paper once again. She handed him the paper and watched as students, most tackily dressed, sophia tumblr beelines towards their classrooms and here she was completely and utterly lost. This was not only frustrating but it was embarrassing. Sophia sophia tumblr the type of girl who did not take defeat or embarrassment well.]

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