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In addition, we have order output control parameters based on the quantity of articles. Orders from 1 to 3 lines with a maximum of 48 articles.

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All confirmed orders are shipped sex rulete p. Orders from 4 to 8 lines with a maximum of articles. The departure period is generally the same day as the order confirmation if it is confirmed before p.

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However, on days of maximum production such as every Monday, Campaigns such as Black Friday, Valentine's Day or Christmas, the order delivery period may niteflert delayed to 48 hours with an estimated period of 24 to 72 hours for deliveries to European Union Orders from 9 to lines sex rulete a maximum of 1, items. The departure period is 48 to hours. With an estimated period of 3 to 9 days for deliveries the European Union. Does the transport agency notify me of the sex rulete and delivery date?

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The agency does not have the obligation to contact prior delivery, however, most agencies have systems in place that notify by SMS of the estimated time of arrival to the mobile phone number of the associated professional client. Can I pick up the order at the destination delegation? If you have selected office delivery, it can be collected at the destination delegation for deliveries to Spain or Portugal, however, in destinations in the European Union this is not possible. What happens if I am not at my business or home when the delivery man comes? In agency deliveries, if sex rulete the time egotastic cyrus delivery of your order you are not in your business or if it is a private address in the case of shipments, it will be delivered again the next sex rulete day.

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So up to 2 attempts. The agency will contact you. For the Correos agency, they leave a notice at sex rulete destination to pick it up at the closest office sex rulete a maximum period of 15 days available to collect or return the merchandise to origin. For destinations in the European Union, the agency will do everything possible to make the delivery or agree on a common schedule.

If delivery is not possible, the package will be returned to us.

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However, this service may be affected by sex rulete emergency situations sex rulete as Covid, in case of absence the agency can leave a notice to pick up at the delegation closest to the final destination. Items in your cart In order to know the exact amount of the shipping costs, before placing the order you must add the items you want to your cart, select destination and check the shipping costs according to weight and volume. Before making the purchase your shipping costs will be calculated automatically based on the go here you have in the basket and according to the selected transport agency.

The information will always be provided prior to payment.

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No, We do not require a minimum order amount. Our goal is to ship all orders the same day. For same day shipping, orders have to be in before 15pm.]

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