red dwarf tattoo

red dwarf tattoo

Red dwarf tattoo

red dwarf tattoo

Personal [hide] Description: He is a physically imposing light-skinned man. He is wearing a long, white, dusty cloak.


His hair is greying and his face has many wrinkles. His eyes, though not visible through his cowl, are brown.

red dwarf tattoo

Personality: Abrasive and pushy, he has a hard time making friends. He has a taste for the finer things and spends a great deal of money on luxuries, some more exotic red dwarf tattoo others. History: He was born in a small forest village.

red dwarf tattoo

When he was little, his rather wealthy family often ventured across the forest to a summer home near a ruined castle. He would wander through that ruined castle and adventure through it for days.

red dwarf tattoo

One day while adventuring a terrible storm took place and he was stranded inside. His family spent the next few days looking for him, and could only assume he was dead when it came time to leave. The family never returned to the red dwarf tattoo due to the painful memories there.

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Naal took refuge in the ruined castle and found the beat up axe and armor he uses now. Motivation: He is not mentally stable, and does not behave rationally; and he is a bit of a kleptomaniac Ideals: Philantrophist.

red dwarf tattoo

Flaws: Addict, Disease, Greedy. Bonds: Family, Job.]

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Personal [hide] Description: 5'3" and muscular, this eastern woman is well dressed, constantly wearing a red suit, white shirt, and brown tie. Her black fur is braided into rings. Her amber eyes are slightly larger than normal. Personality: Friendly and accommodating she would invite many more into her home than her spouse would be comfortable with if they did not express concern about it. She is a font of random trivia from the lore and stories she has discovered History: She comes from a rich eastern family. Moon was a troubled youth. She spent her days as a hard laborer instead of attending school, and spent her evenings with numerous mobsters and gang members. Moon decided she wanted neither the life of her father nor that of the evil petty criminals she associated with. During her early adolescence, she took a sudden opportunity while working the docks and commandeered a vessel that was left unmanned.



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