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Morality aside, the option to refund is there. It is your money and you have the ability to get it back if you so wish.

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If a game is not of my taste, I would refund it immediately as I'd rather donate to charity instead of waste my money in something that Pururin is back did not enjoy and will likely never touch again. Not liking a game after buying and playing it is a reason that Steam even mentions. It is okay to return something if you don't like it. You will not like everything in this world because everyone has preferences. That's why changing rooms exist, so that you can try on clothes to see if it fits both you and your taste before making a purchase, and even then some stores allow returns.

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If the game doesn't offer a demo, then the 2-hour 2-week refund window is Steam's changing room. Regarding this game, if they don't release a patch before my eligibility for a refund expires, then I'm refunding it because I'm not going to play it without a patch that restores everything.

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That money would be better spent elsewhere in the meantime. If a game does not deliver, they don't deserve my money. This pururin is back pretty off-topic so that's all I'll say. Edit: Looks like the patch is here. That might be a reason for you, just not one I agree with or http://seabear.se/review/newhalf-models/reddit-public-gonewild.php. If a demo doesn't exist you can read about the game, watch videos and ask others. So many options out there.

Just as you said: you can inform yourself and try things to know if you will like without purchasing them. And I highly doubt you will refund a game and donate that money to charity.

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So don't justify it that way. Anyway, I have nothing else to say to you. Unsubcribing from this thread so I won't even be notified anymore.]

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Production[ edit ] When Saban Entertainment licensed Kyatto Ninden Teyandee , 52 of the 54 episodes that were produced in Japan were translated into English. The two untranslated episodes were clip shows that did little to further the series' plot. Some episodes of the dubbed version were never aired in the United States due to censorship issues. A repeat run occurred in the same time slot in early Collection 1, containing episodes 1—26, was released on October 16, ; [13] collection 2 containing episodes 27—52, was released on December 4, This release featured every episode in standard definition on a single disk.

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