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Civil Description: Cases involving agreements to pay a specific amount of money promissory notes, loan and credit card agreements, checks, etc. NOS Code:,"As a reporter, I rely on UniCourt to keep on top of the latest filings and developments on cases involving celebrities krisrens archive corporations.]

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Online Archival Discovery Workshop: ‘The Legion of the Lost’

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Back to Top Kristen Spann grew up in Marietta and she remembers a simpler time. Of course, life has a way of changing. She lost herself to a toxic relationship and it was from this experience she realized life is full of choices and she no longer had to be a victim to life. Kristen realized life is in fact a gift and that she is responsible for her own happiness. She started to change her life in small ways by using positive affirmations and reoriented her thoughts. She also does something nice for someone else every day. Now she is known as Miss Positive at work and continues to work through her fears. Up Next Popular Playlists. krisrens archive.



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