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Permalink You know what? We used to be so united on so many things.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

We used to share our experiences and terms with each other- because we can all relate to each other. As if their same gendered attraction magically erases the pain and hardships that comes with being same gendered attracted.

gay flirt tumblr

This whole viewpoint is part of the problem in our community. Stop fighting the members of our community.

gay flirt tumblr

Stop trying to change the history of where we came from. Stop making petty discourse that leads to nothing.

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The blood and click of our brothers and sisters and nonbinary siblings should be honored by making our community an accepting and non-hostile place for each other. You are now the voices and advocates for the ones who will come after us. Act like it. Make this community something to be prideful of.]

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Gay flirt tumblr Lesbians and Gay men are out here telling each other and Bisexuals to “get well soon” for not being attracted to the opposite gender- as if that’s not a form of homophobia. Gay men and Lesbians are trying to gatekeep terms and the right to reclaim slurs from other .
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