Any saves that already did the dungeon and were affected fenoxo.xom the bug should also be fixed and work properly. Fixed a soft-lock if you tried to open the Vault in the Winter Palace. Fixed a minor bug where the wrong version of character art would show fenoxo.xom in the party selector.


Big thanks to TheObserver, Wsan, fenoxo.xom SomeKindofWizard for helping to churn out a near, word dungeon in just a couple weeks in time for Halloween. Hope you guys all enjoy it! Afterwards, wait a day to see the Queen again, and you can meet Liaden in town to help fenoxo.xom out.


You can now meet up with Eryka after rescuing her for some sexy interactions.]

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Tel'Adre Part 2 - Episode 5 [Corruption of Champions]

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New public paaaaaaaaaaatch! By William, coded by yours truly. NPCs can no longer use deflector regeneration infinitely. Additionally, an option to allow an NPC that uses it to have it active for a custom amount of rounds has been added. New busts: Cyborg Gabilani and Slyveren Wallslut! You can see one of them just to the right, right now! This can be toggled from her talk menu. The SynthWomb can now be controlled by a Codex-based app, courtesy of Gena

Apologise, but: Fenoxo.xom

Fenoxo.xom First up: Public patch tomorrow (or Thurs, depending).I acknowledge that it’s been over a month since the last one, but backers have faced a similar drought. Letting our supporters enjoy the petplay first (and help us find bugs) means backers don’t get stranded with a game-breaker for a whole month (hopefully.). 15 hours ago · I’m back from backlog hell, and here with a new patch featuring some new scenes and items I wrote myself! Changelog: Three new win scenes for the gabilani chemist: tail docking (with 3 sub-variants), over-endowed “hyper” fun (with a possible extra ending), and some good ol’ fashioned face riding for the lady-types. One last quick backers patch before public in a couple days~ Patch Notes: There’s a new jotun/lupine Cboy in the Rift, who you can push towards different sexual arrangements.
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