american girl doll sophie

american girl doll sophie

American girl doll sophie

american girl doll sophie
american girl doll sophie

This new four-volume series collects the complete run of the original Popeye Sunday newspaper page adventures in an accessible and affordable slipcased paperback format! An irresistible alchemy of screwball comedy, tender romance, and rags-to-riches fantasy, Elsie Crisler Segar's newspaper comic strip captivated readers of the Roaring Twenties and beyond.

american girl doll sophie

And Popeye, the sailor man, was the unlikely star of the show. Fantagraphics is thrilled to bring Segar's whimsical world back into print, reviving the origins of the beloved spinach-eating American icon for a whole new readership.

american girl doll sophie

The E. Segar Popeye Sundays series collects the complete Popeye Sunday stories in four gorgeous full-color click, each packaged in a deluxe die-cut vertical slipcase.

Volume one highlights Popeye's riotous romance with his sweet patootie, Olive Oyl. As apt to hold hands as butt heads, they are ultimately meant for each other, and their enduring connection forms the warm heart of the comic. Outside the love nest, Popeye seeks fame and fortune as a prizefighter. Ever the under-dog, he american girl doll sophie contend with a series of increasingly fearsome opponents, from the formidable Johnny Brawn to a literal gorilla!

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Featuring tongue-twisting gags, sensational slugfests, and an endearing ensemble of characters, this revival of classic Popeye adventures really packs a punch and will captivate stalwart fans and new readers alike. Introduced with comic tributes by acclaimed cartoonists Sergio Ponchione and Cathy Malkasian.

american girl doll sophie

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