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Any depiction of people in this story is for fantasy purposes only and does not depict real people. Chapter List 1-At The Fire 1 My wife and I decided to throw a party for a bunch of friends after we moved into our new adults fanfiction. It had taken almost a year to get to the point that we could have people over.

adults fanfiction

The day went good with everyone and we all had a great time. We started adults fanfiction the fire in the firepit as dusk fell and everyone was gathered around the fire in their chairs.


A girl that I found adults fanfiction beautiful was there hanging out with us. She sat on the opposite side of the fire pit from me so I could see her the whole time. She was drinking a beer and giving my coy smiles off and on.

adults fanfiction

She was wearing a skirt and had a small sweater on due to it being a bit chilly out. I happened to see in a glance of firelight that she wasn't wearing any panties at all.

One Night Only (Teen Romance)

I could feel my cock start to swell up a bit at the sight of her naked pussy adults fanfiction out there where everyone could have seen, if they had been looking. Apparently this was a show meant just for my eyes. I had tried keeping up a conversation with others, but my mind, and my eyes kept wandering back to her.

adults fanfiction

I had to be careful with everyone else around. I got up and excused myself saying I had to go to the bathroom due to drinking so much beer. I made my way to the house with no issue thankfully.]

Adults fanfiction

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adults fanfiction.

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Title: Studies in Intimate Behavior. Summary: Seven's conclusions regarding her studies of human mating practices. Takes place after the events of "Someone to Watch Over Me". Rating: PG Contains homosexual attraction between women. Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction using characters from Star Trek: Voyager which is the property of It is written for entertainment purposes only, and no financial profit will be received for this work. Feedback to odon05 hotmail. Archiving is welcome, but please try and contact me first. Many thanks to Meagan for beta-ing this.



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Adults fanfiction



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