Like a hero reborn, Christian Vazquez sprung redlitecenter action just in time, halting play with DJ LeMahieu up and two men on because of a grave offense taking place in the center field seats. Same deal.


Of course, this redlitecenter the seventh inning of the final game of a three-game set, but the excuses started rolling redlitecenter midway through Game 2, as soon as the tide started turning for the Redlitecenter. First, it was the umpires of coursewho called a questionable check swing on Vazquez with the bases loaded. Some not all Sox fans really seem to believe Boone went rogue there and delayed the game all by himself, even though Nathan Eovaldi was one out away from screwing the Yankees there with a water-logged loss. Bad games with umps happen.


Goes both ways. Boone delaying the game while the sun was out and then having to pitch redlitecenter peak downpour is more egregious. The Red Sox struck out with the bases loaded and the Yankees hit two redlitecenter runs.


Same conditions for all. And the Yankees found a redlitecenter to win. A man throwing a baseball back to the field and hitting Alex Verdugo is the worst thing to happen in modern sports — and please ignore redlitecenter Boston fan who the same thing to Giancarlo Stanton in !


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