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Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance MGUS increases the mia melana of developing multiple myeloma. This tendency is more common in African-American with myeloma and may contribute to anonsharwr higher rates of myeloma in this group.

EBV-positive disease is more common in the mia melana rather than multiple myeloma form of plasma cell cancer.

mia melana

This suggest that EBV may have a role in the progression of plasmacytomas to systemic multiple myeloma. As they progress, they mature and display different proteins on their cell surfaces. When they are activated to secrete antibodies, they mia melana known as plasma cells. Multiple myeloma develops in B lymphocytes after they have left the part of the lymph node known mia melana the germinal center.

mia melana

The normal cell line most closely associated with MM cells is generally taken to be either an activated memory B cell or the precursor to plasma cells, the plasmablast. When chromosomes and genes are damaged, often through rearrangement, this control is lost. Often, a promoter gene moves or translocates to a chromosome, where it stimulates an antibody gene to mia melana. A chromosomal translocation between the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene on chromosome 14mia melana q32 and an oncogene often 11q13, 4p This mutation results in dysregulation of the oncogene which is thought to be an important initiating event in the pathogenesis of myeloma.

Production of cytokines [35] especially IL-6 by the plasma cells causes much of their localised damage, such as osteoporosismia melana creates a microenvironment mia melana which the malignant cells thrive.

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Angiogenesis the generation of new blood vessels is increased. The produced antibodies are deposited mia melana various organs, leading to kidney failure, polyneuropathy, and various other myeloma-associated symptoms. Epigenetic[ edit ] In a study that investigated the DNA methylation profile of multiple myeloma cells and normal plasma cellsa gradual demethylation from stem cells to plasma cells was observed. The observed methylation pattern of CpG within intronic regions with enhancer-related chromatin marks in multiple myeloma is similar to undifferentiated precursor and stem cells. These results may represent a de novo epigenetic reprogramming in multiple myeloma, leading to the acquisition of a methylation pattern related to stemness.

The initial change, often involving one chromosome 14 translocation, establishes a link of bone marrow plasma cells that causes the asymptomatic disorder MGUSwhich is a premalignant mia melana characterized by increased numbers of plasma cells in the bone marrow or the circulation of a myeloma protein immunoglobulin.

Further genetic or epigenic changes produce a new clone of bone marrow plasma cells, usually descendant from the original clone, that causes the more serious, but still asymptomatic premalignant disorder smoldering multiple myeloma. This myeloma is characterized by a rise in the number of bone marrow plasma cells mia melana source of the circulating myeloma protein above that seen in MGUS. Subsequent genetic and epigenetic changes lead to a new, more aggressive clone of plasma cells, which cause further rises in the level of the mia melana myeloma protein, further rises in the number of bone marrow plasma mia melana, or the development of one or more of a specific set of "CRAB" symptoms, which are the basis for diagnosing malignant multiple myeloma and treating the disease.

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In a small percentage of mia melana myeloma cases, further genetic and epigenetic changes lead to the development of a plasma cell clone that moves from the bone marrow into the circulatory systeminvades distant tissues, and thereby causes the most malignant mia melana all plasma cell dyscrasias mia melana, plasma cell leukemia.

A doctor may request protein electrophoresis of the blood and urine, which might show the presence of a paraprotein monoclonal protein, or M protein band, with or without reduction of the other normal immunoglobulins known as immune paresis. One type of paraprotein is the Bence Jones proteinwhich is a urinary paraprotein composed mia melana free light chains.

Quantitative measurements of the paraprotein are necessary to establish a mia melana and to monitor the disease. The paraprotein is an abnormal immunoglobulin produced by the tumor clone.

mia melana

In theory, multiple myeloma can produce all classes of immunoglobulin, but IgG paraproteins are most common, followed by IgA and IgM. IgD and IgE mia melana are very rare. On peripheral blood smear, the rouleaux formation of red blood cells is commonly seen, though this is not specific. The recent introduction of a commercial immunoassay for measurement of free light chains potentially offers an improvement in monitoring disease progression and response mia melana treatment, particularly where the paraprotein is difficult to measure accurately by electrophoresis for mia melana in light chain myeloma, or where the paraprotein level is very low.]

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