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France[ edit ] As was boys sex free videos in Catholic countries in Europe, girls were normally boys sex free videos in convent schools for girls operated by nuns, such as Abbaye de Penthemont in Paris.

After the French revolutionit became more common with girls' schoolsoften operated by governesses, a famous pioneer school being that of Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan. France formally included girls in the state elementary education school system inbut girls and boys were only integrated in the lower levels, while the secondary education of girls were entrusted to girls' schools managed by either nuns or governesses, both of whom lacked necessary qualifications.

When the problem of unqualified female teachers meetandfuckgames the girls secondary education was addressed by a state teacher's seminary for women as well as state secondary education for girls, both of these were still gender segregated. Germany[ edit ] Germany was a pioneer in the education of girls.

Beginning in the 17th-century, schools for girls were opened in both Catholic Southern Germany as well as Protestant Northern Germany. Some conservative parents may decide to withdraw their daughters at the age of puberty onset because of fear of distraction. The study argues that co-education schools provide opportunities for students to interact with their peers which de-stresses students and creates a friendlier, more relaxed environment.

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Ireland[ edit ] Male students, De La Salle College, County Waterford, Ireland has significantly more pupils studying in single-sex schools than other western countries: more than one third of second-level schools are single sex. In some countries there are single-sex private schools as well.

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In Iran, single-sex public and private schools have been in place since the Islamic Revolution. Universities are mostly co-educational in Iran.

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In Syriaprivate schools are co-educational, while public schools are mostly, but not exclusively, segregated. Universities are all co-educational. In Israelsecular public schools are co-educational.

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Many, but not all, public Orthodox schools are single-sex; the private ultra-Orthodox schools are almost always gender-segregated, usually starting in elementary school. In Lebanonmost schools are co-educational schools. New Zealand[ edit ] In New Zealandalmost all schools are coeducational 1, co-ed, 7 boys-only, 4 girls-onlywhile there are many boys sex free videos examples of single-sex secondary schools. There are 45 boys-only secondary schools, 53 girls-only secondary schools and mixed secondary schools as of July [update].

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Nigeria[ edit ] In Nigeria, public opinion regarding sexes in schools is influenced most by religious and cultural beliefs rather than the idea that students learn better separated sexes. People in northern Nigeria are mostly Muslim and as a result, are more inclined to choose single-sex education over co-education boys sex free videos with their religious beliefs. However country-wide, co-education schools are more common than single-sex schools. In contrast to the predominance of co-education schools, many prestigious educational institutions only accept one sex, major examples are, King's College and Queen's College situated in Lagos.

At university level, although the sexes are not separated in the classroom, it is common practice to employ a single sex housing policy on university campuses e.]

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