Workshop Records promotional label design

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Workshop Jazz promotional label design

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Workshop Jazz 2001 A Hank & Carol Diamond Exodus May 1962
First release on Motown's short-lived jazz oriented label. Promotional records were released as "Workshop Records" without "Jazz" on 2001.
Workshop Jazz 2001 B Hank & Carol Diamond I Remember You May 1962
Workshop Jazz 2002 A Earl Washington All Stars Opus No. 3 May 1962
Workshop Jazz 2002 B Earl Washington All Stars March Lightly May 1962
Workshop Jazz 2003 A Paula Greer I Want To Talk About You 1963
**Unissued**. Promotional copies exist.
Workshop Jazz 2003 B Paula Greer So In Love 1963
**Unissued**. Promotional copies exist.
Workshop Jazz 2004 A Dave Hamilton Late Freight Feb 1963
One of Motown's early "Funk Brothers" on his own.
Workshop Jazz 2004 B Dave Hamilton Mellow In Coli Feb 1963
Workshop Jazz 2005 A Johnny Griffith Trio I'mi See You Later Feb 1963
Another great Motown keyboard player and Funk Brother in a jazzy mood.
Workshop Jazz 2005 B Johnny Griffith Trio I Did Feb 1963
Vocal version released on Workshop Jazz 2007-A by Paula Greer.
Workshop Jazz 2006 A George Bohannon Quartet Bobbie Feb 1963
Workshop Jazz 2006 B George Bohannon Quartet El Rig Feb 1963
Trombone player and session musician at Motown. Bohannon spelled with just one "n" on label.
Workshop Jazz 2007 A Paula Greer I Did Feb 1963
Instrumental version released on Workshop Jazz 2005-B by Johnny Griffith Trio.
Workshop Jazz 2007 B Paula Greer Falling In Love With You Feb 1963
Last release on Workshop Jazz.

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