Wheelsville Records

Compiled by LG Nilsson, Seabear Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Commercial red, pink & blue label design
Wheelsville 102A label scan
First blue & silver label design
Wheelsville 10001A label scan
Later issues have black star line
Wheelsville 120A label scan
Wheelsville was a subsidiary of D-Town and owned by Mike Hanks. The label was in operation from 1965 to 1967
Wheelsville 10001 A Freddie Butler Save Your Love For Me 1965
Wheelsville 10001 B Freddie Butler All Is Well 1965
Wheelsville 10002 A Rudi Robinson Trio I Want You To Have Everything 1965
Wheelsville 10002 B Rudi Robinson Trio Funny 1965
First two records were dark blue with silver lettering
Wheelsville 101 A Jimmy Gilford I Wanna Be Your Baby 1965
Also released on Solid Hit 103-A
Wheelsville 101 B Jimmy Gilford Misery Street 1965
Wheelsville 102 A Steve Mancha Did My Baby Call 1965
Wheelsville 102 B Steve Mancha Whirlpool 1965
Wheelsville 103 A Little Sonny Let's Have A Good Time 1965
Wheelsville 103 B Little Sonny Orange Pineapple Blossom Pink 1965
Wheelsville 104 A Debora Healey Don’t Do Nothing I Wouldn’t Do 1965
Also released by Connie Van Dyke on Wheelsville 112-B.
Wheelsville 104 B Debora Healey Can’t Erase My Old Love’s Face 1965
Wheelsville 105 A -Not Released- -Not Released- 1966
Wheelsville 105 B -Not Released- -Not Released- 1966
Wheelsville 106 A Magictones Got To Get A Little Closer 1966
Wheelsville 106 B Magictones Me And My Baby 1966
Wheelsville 107 A Cody Black I Will Give You Love 1966
Wheelsville 107 B Cody Black I Am Particular 1966
Wheelsville 108 A Hindal Butts Trio Feat. Daytona Voices Back Up Baby 1966
Wheelsville 108 B Hindal Butts Trio Waltzing With The Parson 1966
Wheelsville 109 A Fabulous Peps With These Eyes 1966
Wheelsville 109 B Fabulous Peps Love Of My Life 1966
Wheelsville 110 A Lee Rogers Love & War 1966
Wheelsville 110 B Lee Rogers How Are You Fixed For Love 1966
Also released on Wheelsville 118-A and 119-A.
Wheelsville 111 A Lil' Soul Brothers I've Got Heart Aches 1966
Wheelsville 111 B Lil' Soul Brothers What Can It Be 1966
Wheelsville 112 A Connie Van Dyke These Words Won't Come 1966
Wheelsville 112 B Connie Van Dyke Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn’t Do 1966
Earlier released by Debora Healey on Wheelsville 104-A.
Wheelsville 113 A Buddy Lamp You've Got The Loving Touch 1966
Wheelsville 113 B Buddy Lamp I Wanna Go Home 1966
Also released on Wheelsville 120-B and 122-B.
Wheelsville 114 A Magictones How Can I Forget 1966
Wheelsville 114 B Magictones Me And Mv Baby 1966
Wheelsville 115 A International Kansas City Playboys Evervbody Going Wild 1966
Wheelsville 115 B International Kansas City Playboys Quitting Time 1966
Wheelsville 116 A Silky Hargreaves I'll Keep On Trying 1966
Wheelsville 116 B Silky Hargreaves Love Lets Try Again 1966
Wheelsville 117 A Don De Andre Trio Sunny 1966
Wheelsville 117 B Don De Andre Trio Watermelon Man 1966
Wheelsville 118 A Lee Rogers Cracked Up Over You 1966
Wheelsville 118 B Lee Rogers How Are You Fixed For Love 1966
Also released on Wheelsville 110-B and 119-B.
Wheelsville 119 A Lee Rogers The Same Things That Make You Laugh (Make You Cry) 1967
Also released on Premium Stuff 6-B.
Wheelsville 119 B Lee Rogers How Are You Fixed For Love 1967
Also released on Wheelsville 110-B and 118-B.
Wheelsville 120 A Buddy Lamp Confusion 1967
Wheelsville 120 B Buddy Lamp I Wanna Go Home 1967
Also released on Wheelsville 113-B and 122-B.
Wheelsville 121 A Lee Rogers Love Can Really Hurt You Deep 1967
Wheelsville 121 B Lee Rogers Love For A Love 1967
Wheelsville 122 A Buddy Lamp Save Your Love 1967
Wheelsville 122 B Buddy Lamp I Wanna Go Home 1967
Also released on Wheelsville 113-B and 120-B.
First issue on the legendary 100 series
Wheelsville 101A label scan
Magictones had two releases on label
Wheelsville 106A label scan
Last release on Wheelsville
Wheelsville 122A label scan