Commercial yellow & black label design

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Pameline 100 A Tommy Neal Goin' To A Happening 1967
First release on the Pameline label. Later released on Palmer 5024-A and Vault 938-A. Backing track also used on Spaceland by Tony Hester and Moon & The Planets.
Pameline 100 B Tommy Neal Tee Ta (Instrumental) 1967
Later released on Vault 938-B
Pameline 302 A Innocent Bystanders Crime (Doesn't Pay) 1968
Pameline 302 B Innocent Bystanders Frantic Escape (Instrumental) 1968
Pameline 2010 A Detroit Executives Cool Off 1968
Backing track was also used on "The Mighty Lover" by The Ideals on Boo-Ga-Loo 108.
Pameline 2010 B Detroit Executives Sho-Nuff Hot Pants 1968
Released first on green and then on orange labels. Most of the orange versions were off-center.

Commercial yellow & black label design

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