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Distributed By Bell Records

Some labels of S35008, S35010, S35011, S35012 had
printed in red/pink at the bottom of the label.

Marvelettes "Yes He Is"

Not really a mistake but Motown changed title to:
"He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)" on stock copies.

Freeman Brothers black marker

Motown decided to cover over the "Bell" error
with a black marker when they found out
about the mistake at the pressing plant.

A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul...

This title was too long for DJ's and Supremes fans.
Motown soon changed to "A Breath Taking Guy".

Diana Ross "Top Of The World"

One of many records that was never released
commercially. Motown 1449 was later assigned to
Finished Touch with "I Love To See You Dance".

Finished Touch "I Love To See You Dance"

Motown 1449 was assigned to two different records
Diana Ross and Finished Touch.