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Manticore 7001 A Thee Image It Happens All The Time Jan-1975
Blue eyed soul/rock/boogie band. Mike Pinera (guitar, vocals), Duane Hitchings (keyboards, bass, vocals) and Donny Vosburgh (drums)
Manticore 7001 B Thee Image Come To You Jan-1975
Manticore 7002 A - No artist decided - - No title planned - Jan-1975
Manticore 7002 B - No artist decided - - No title planned - Jan-1975
Manticore 7003 A P.F.M. Celebration Feb-1975
Italian progressive rock band PFM.
Manticore 7003 B P.F.M. Mr. Nine Till Five Feb-1975
Manticore 7004 A Keith Christmas My Girl Apr-1975
Keith Christmas is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar. Also released by The Temptations on Gordy 7038-A and Stevie Wonder on Tamla 54168-B.
Manticore 7004 B Keith Christmas Country Farm Apr-1975
Manticore 7005 A Thee Image Good Thing May-1975
Manticore 7005 B Thee Image So Hard To Say May-1975
Manticore 7006 A Thee Image Alone With You Sep-1975
Manticore 7006 B Thee Image Far Away Places Sep-1975
Manticore 7007 A Little Richard Call My Name Sep-1975
Manticore 7007 B Little Richard Steal Miss Liza (Steal Liza Jane) Sep-1975

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