Groovesville Records

Compiled by LG Nilsson, Seabear Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

First pink label design
Groovesville GV777 label scan
Second red, white & black label design
Groovesville GV1003A label scan
Third blue, green & yellow label design
Groovesville GV1007A label scan
Groovesville Records was owned by Don Davis and distributed by Golden World and Solid Hitbound. In operation during 1966 to 1967
Groovesville 777 A Al Gardner I'm Moving On 1963
Label design was pink. This is an earlier release. Address 2454 Calvert, Detroit, Michigan TO 9-4663 on label.
Groovesville 777 B Al Gardner I'll Get Along 1963
The first five records, 1001 - 1005 distributed by Golden World Records, Inc. Detroit. Label design was red, black and white.
Groovesville 1001 A Steve Mancha You're Still In My Heart May-66
Groovesville 1001 B Steve Mancha She's So Good May-66
Also released by Riley Hampton on Groovesville 101-A, Capitols on Karen 1524-B, Sharon McMann on Karen 803K 1525-A and Quickest Way Out on Karen 717-B.
Groovesville 1002 A Steve Mancha I Don't Want To Lose You Jun-66
Groovesville 1002 B Steve Mancha I Need To Be Needed Jun-66
Groovesville 1003 A Melvin Davis I Must Love You 1966
Melvin Davis was later to become lead singer with the group 8th Day on Invictus Records.
Groovesville 1003 B Melvin Davis Still In My Heart 1966
Groovesville 1004 A Steve Mancha Friday Night 1966
Groovesville 1004 B Steve Mancha Monday Through Thursday 1966
Groovesville 1005 A Steve Mancha Don't Make Me A Story Teller Feb-67
Groovesville 1005 B Steve Mancha I Won't Love And Leave You Feb-67
The last three records, 1006 - 1008 distributed by Solid Hitbound Productions, Inc. Detroit. Label design was blue, green and yellow.
Groovesville 1006 A J.J. Barnes Baby Please Come Back Home May-67
Groovesville 1006 B J.J. Barnes Chains Of Love May-67
Groovesville 1007 A Steve Mancha Sweet Baby (Don't Ever Be Untrue) 1967
Groovesville 1007 B Steve Mancha Just Keep On Loving Me 1967
Groovesville 1008 A J.J. Barnes Now That I Got You Back Oct-67
Groovesville 1008 B J.J. Barnes Forgive Me Oct-67
Main artist on label
Carla GV1001A label scan
Last red, white & black label release
Carla GV1005A label scan
Last blue, green & yellow label release
Carla GV1008A label scan