Groove City Records

Compiled by LG Nilsson, Seabear Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Dark blue-green and silver label design
Groove City 2531A label scan
First rare issue gold & black
Groove City 2529ADJ label scan
Odd record number
Groove City 1903A label scan
Groove City Records was owned by Don Juan Mancha and was in operation during 1967 and 1968.
Groove City 101 A Professionals That's Why I Love You 1967
First issue on the Groove City label.
Groove City 101 B Professionals Did My Baby Call 1967
Groove City 201 A Robert Ward My Love Is Strictly Reserved For You 1967
Groove City 201 B Robert Ward I Will Fear No Evil 1967
Groove City 202 A Fred Briggs Sound Off 1967
Groove City 202 B Fred Briggs I'm So Sorry 1967
Groove City 203 A -Not Released- -Not Released- 1968
Groove City 203 B -Not Released- -Not Released- 1968
Groove City 204 A Steve Mancha Hate Yourself In The Morning 1968
Steve Mancha was later to become lead singer with the group 100 Proof (Aged In Soul) on Hot Wax Records. Real name: Clyde Wilson.
Groove City 204 B Steve Mancha A Love Like Yours 1968
Groove City 205 A Sam Ward Stone Broke 1968
Groove City 205 B Sam Ward Sister Lee 1968
Groove City 206 A Hollidays Easy Living 1968
Holidays spelt with double "ll" on label. Steve Mancha is the actual singer on this release!
Groove City 206 B Hollidays I Lost You 1968
Groove City 960 A Cody Black Because You First Loved Me 1968
Groove City 960 B Cody Black The Night A Star Was Born 1968
Also released on Rambrock 101-B. Last release on the Groove City label.
Robert Ward
Groove City 1904A label scan
Sam Ward
Groove City 1902ADJ label scan
Holidays with double L
Groove City 715A label scan