D-Town Records

Compiled by LG Nilsson, Seabear Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

First yellow and black label design
D-Town 1021B label scan
Classic light yellow & white label design
D-Town 1055A label scan
One of few red and black label designs
D-Town 1040A label scan
D-Town was owned by Mike Hanks. D-Town was in operation from 1963 to 1966
D-Town 1021 A Ronnie Love Judy 1963
Real name: Ronald Dunbar. He later joined Holland-Dozier-Holland at the Hot Wax-Invictus operation
D-Town 1021 B Ronnie Love Show Me What You Got 1963
D-Town 1022 A Don Heart They Love To Be Loved 1963
D-Town 1022 B Don Heart A Telegram With Love 1963
D-Town 1023 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1023 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1024 A Dee Edwards Too Careless With My Love 1963
D-Town 1024 B Dee Edwards He Told Me Lies 1963
D-Town 1025 A Terri Day Iím So Glad 1963
D-Town 1025 B Terri Day Hey Fella 1963
D-Town 1026 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1026 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1027 A Ronnie Love Deed I Do 1963
D-Town 1027 B Ronnie Love Always Be Good 1963
D-Town 1028 A Armand Kay The Bigger They Are 1963
D-Town 1028 B Armand Kay My Love My Love 1963
D-Town 1029 A Lee Rogers Sad Affair 1964
D-Town 1029 B Lee Rogers Doggin' Myself Around 1964
D-Town 1030 A Don Heart Donít Give In 1964
D-Town 1030 B Don Heart Iím Gonna Make A Comeback 1964
D-Town 1031 A Dee Edwards Oh What A Party 1964
D-Town 1031 B Dee Edwards The Greatest Thing 1964
D-Town 1032 A Cody Black Move On 1964
D-Town 1032 B Cody Black These Chains Of Love 1964
D-Town 1033 A Precisions My Lover Came Back 1964
D-Town 1033 B Precisions I Wanna Tell My Baby 1964
D-Town 1034 A Fugitives A Fugitive (Vocal) 1964
D-Town 1034 B Fugitives A Fugitive (Instrumental) 1964
D-Town 1035 A Lee Rogers Our Love Is More 1964
D-Town 1035 B Lee Rogers I Want You To Have Everything 1964
D-Town 1036 A Rudy Robinson Trio Chicken Scratch (Part One) 1964
D-Town 1036 B Rudy Robinson Trio Chicken Scratch (Part Two) 1964
D-Town 1037 A Dee Edwards Happiness Is Where You Find It 1964
D-Town 1037 B Dee Edwards What Love Can Do 1964
D-Town 1038 A Dimensions Little Lotta Lou 1964
D-Town 1038 B Dimensions Heís A Lover 1964
D-Town 1039 A Marco Hammon Me Boy You Girl 1964
D-Town 1039 B Marco Hammon While Iím Away From You 1964
D-Town 1040 A Ronnie Love Come Dance With Me 1965
D-Town 1040 B Ronnie Love Sheís Got Love 1965
Two records released on same number
D-Town 1040 A Hesitations Wild Little Willie 1965
D-Town 1040 B Don Sweet & The Hesitations Remember 1965
D-Town 1041 A Lee Rogers Youíre The Cream Of The Crop 1965
D-Town 1041 B Lee Rogers Somebody Else Will 1965
D-Town 1042 A Chuck Heatley ?? Hently Iím Gonna Try To Get Over 1965
D-Town 1042 B Chuck Heatley I Cry Love 1965
D-Town 1043 A Silky Hargraves Go On Girl 1965
D-Town 1043 B Silky Hargraves Hurt By Love 1965
D-Town 1044 A Fugitives On Trial 1965
D-Town 1044 B Fugitives Letís Get On With It 1965
D-Town 1045 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1045 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1046 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1046 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1047 A Ronnie Love Judy 1965
D-Town 1047 B Ronnie Love Detroit, Michigan 1965
D-Town 1048 A Dee Edwards Tired Of Staying Home 1965
D-Town 1048 B Dee Edwards His Majesty My Love 1965
D-Town 1049 A Fabulous Peps Detroit, Michigan 1965
D-Town 1049 B Fabulous Peps You Never Had It So Good 1965
D-Town 1050 A Lee Rogers Boss Love 1965
D-Town 1050 B Lee Rogers Just You And I 1965
D-Town 1051 A Lillian Dupree Hide And Seek 1965
D-Town 1051 B Lillian Dupree (Iíve Got A) Shield Around My Heart 1965
D-Town 1052 A Jimmy ĎSoulí Clark That Ainít Cool 1965
D-Town 1052 B Jimmy ĎSoulí Clark Youíre The Sweetest Thing I Know 1965
D-Town 1053 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1053 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1054 A Romey Rand Say Youíre Mine 1965
D-Town 1054 B Romey Rand Iím Coming In 1965
D-Town 1055 A Precisions Mexican Love Song 1965
D-Town 1055 B Precisions Youíre Sweet 1965
D-Town 1056 A -Not Released- -Not Released- 1965
D-Town 1056 B -Not Released- -Not Released- 1965
D-Town 1057 A Cody Black Mr. Blue 1965
D-Town 1057 B Cody Black You Must Be In Love 1965
D-Town 1058 A Roosevelt Grier Pizza Pie Man 1965
D-Town 1058 B Roosevelt Grier Welcome To The Club 1965
D-Town 1059 A Jackie & The Tonetts The Proof Of Your Love 1965
D-Town 1059 B Jackie & The Tonetts Steady Boy 1965
D-Town 1060 A Peps This I Pray 1965
D-Town 1060 B Peps Thinkin' About You 1965
D-Town 1061 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1061 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 1062 A Lee Rogers My One And Only 1965
D-Town 1062 B Lee Rogers You Wonít Have To Wait Till Xmas 1965
D-Town 1063 A Dee Edwards All The Way Home 1966
D-Town 1063 B Dee Edwards Love, Love, Love 1966
D-Town 1064 A Buddy Lamp Just A Little Bit Of Loviní 1966
D-Town 1064 B Buddy Lamp Next Best Thing 1966
D-Town 1065 A Fabulous Peps Speak Your Peace 1966
D-Town 1065 B Fabulous Peps My Love Looks Good On You 1966
D-Town 1066 A Cody Black Would You Let Me Know 1966
D-Town 1066 B Cody Black Too Many Irons In The Fire 1966
D-Town 1067 A Lee Rogers Iím A Practical Guy 1966
D-Town 1067 B Lee Rogers Go-Go-Girl 1966
D-Town 1068 A De Andre Trio Batman Theme 1966
D-Town 1068 B De Andre Trio Who Can I Turn To 1966
D-Town 1069 A Líil Soul Brothers I've Got Heartaches 1966
D-Town 1069 B Líil Soul Brothers What Can I Be 1966
Devotional Series:
D-Town 201 A Meditations Father Alone 1965
D-Town 201 B Meditations My Soul Got Happy 1965
D-Town 202 A Griffinairs I Donít Want To Be Lost 1965
D-Town 202 B Griffinairs He Is The Water 1965
D-Town 203 A Meditations The Love Of God 1965
D-Town 203 B Meditations Is Your All On The Altar 1965
D-Town 204 A Staple Singers Standing At The Bedside Of My Neighbor 1965
D-Town 204 B Staple Singers Iíll Fly Away 1965
D-Town 205 A -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 205 B -Not Released- -Not Released- -
D-Town 206 A Stapleton Singers I Will Trust In The Lord 1965
Actually The Staple Singers
D-Town 206 B Stapleton Singers Tell Him What You Want 1965
D-Town 207 A Voices Of Tabernacle Blessed Assurance 1965
D-Town 207 B Voices Of Tabernacle I Trust In You 1965
Early orange design
D-Town 1029A label scan
Rare blue DJ-copy design
D-Town 1038A label scan
Later yellow and black label design
D-Town 1049A label scan