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Five Stars "Ooh Shucks"

This is Berry Gordy's first production. Release in December 1957. Same label design as Tamla 101 & 102.

Five Stars "Dead Wrong"

The Five Stars hailed from Detroit. Members included Walter Gaines & C.P. Spencer. They evolved into The Voicemasters on Anna and later The Originals on Soul.

Herman Griffin "I Need You"

Herman Griffin was the first artist to release a song from Berry Gordy's music publishing company Jobete Music in 1958 on HOB 112. Same label design as Tamla 101 & 102.

Herman Griffin "I'm So Glad..."

HOB was an acronym for the House of Beauty, a hair emporium that Berry's future wife Raynoma Liles frequented. This single also credited the Rayber Voices for the first time.

Biscaynes "Mis-Beat"

Also one of a kind release in June 1959. Published by Jobete. Same label design as Tamla 101 & 102.

Biscaynes "Out Of Order"

This is an instrumental garage rock record. Biscaynes are actually the same group as Nick & The Jaguars on Tamla.